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Diary of a sleep-deprived, overworked woman (clutching at her sanity)

I'm not coping.

My nerves are shot. Probably because I haven't been sleeping well. My life right now (thanks to COVID-19) is like an endless Zoom meeting. Even in my 'sleep', I'm actively solving work challenges. The continuum between remote work (from home) and my home life, which now includes monitoring and assisting the children with remote schooling at home, as well as figuring out how to be more efficient with household shopping - so I can avoid public retail spaces as much as possible.

Exercise? Don't even go there. I think the most exercise I get right now is the tossing and turning in my sleep. Between all I need to get done, I don't know where the days go most of the time, and at times I can't tell my Wednesdays apart from my Fridays.

So, no. I'm not coping. I know I'm not the only one. So many of my colleagues and friends are going through very similar imbalances, anxiety and even messed up sleep patterns. We're collectively unravelli…

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