Whatchu Gon' Do With All That Land...

A week ago, I was featured in the Mail and Guardian's Slice of Life, about the land discussion and what I think the land should be used for. More importantly, I want to emphasise that we can't start discussing how we will acquire 20 acres of land, when we haven't started looking at using even 200 square meters of space. 

I'm not saying we shouldn't aim for the 20 acres or more. In fact, I know from first-hand experience the need to scale and go commercial. I could totally use 20 acres of land but I also understand how expensive it is to make that 20 acres commercially viable (inputs, equipment, labour etc is costly). 

My argument is that we need to start somewhere -- and a lot of people have space the size of a door that they can start a garden with

Let's get working!!! 

The glaring ironies with this cover! *discussion for another day


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