10 terrific things I've achieved over the last 10 years....

My light and purpose, Taiwa and Khanya
As I prepare for chapter 31, I reflect on my milestones over the last 10 years...

1. I have started (and completed) a degree. And actually used it!

2. I started a powerful poetry movement. A (w)rite of passage that will forever form a significant part of my essence and consciousness.

3. I started an illustrious career in media - an exhilarating experience filled with books, art, music, lifestyle and culture. Met incredible souls and powerful people.

4. I've started a life in two cities. An adventure that saw me receive warm welcomes and form deep friendships that transcend time and distance.

5. I have been a part of several unions with lovers who have taught me a lot more about myself.  I've loved HARD - mostly with little logic and wildest of abandon.

6. I have given a part of myself to projects that have made shift happen within young people. Inspired and have been inspired by the fire in the youth that needs to constantly be fuelled.

I've also been a part of a prestigious global convers-action between digital (alter)natives with a cause, making change (and documenting it) one byte at a time.

7. I have started a family. Through the grace of the almighty - and nurturing hands of my midwives, I have birthed two beautiful boys. My light and my purpose. They show me how fearless, patient,  loving and organised I can be. I continue to reach into the depths of my superpowers to be an example of how limitless their greatness can and will be.

8. I have started a marriage - a rhythmic companionship that resonates with everything I stand for and reminds me to BE and want to be much more. With every touch, kiss, embrace I love deeper,  harder without armour.

9. I have started a home. A sanctuary where my dreams,  prayers,  hopes and tears live. Where I dance if I want to and scream if needed. Peace lives here. And here is where I count my blessings. Every. Single. Day.

10. I have started a book. To which I will dedicate the next chapter to completing. This book (after my babies) is my life's purpose. The reason I feel I HAVE LIVED and am still alive. It scares me but it will be done. One day at a time. Makubenjalo. Kuze kube nguna phakade!

I am blessed beyond belief and eternally thankful to those who walk behind, alongside and in front of me.


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